fiXit – the automotive social enterprise making a difference.

Real world professional automotive workshop experience

fiXit is an automotive not for profit, social enterprise. Our focus is to provide casual employment for young people who have completed Concern Australia’s five week Hand Brake Turn automotive training course. You can learn more about Concern Australia’s Hand Brake Turn automotive training course at the Concern Australia website or watch the video below.

The fiXit enterprise provides a real world professional automotive workshop experience and pathways to an apprenticeship or traineeship for Hand Brake Turn graduates. Working alongside our fiXit trainers and expert mechanics, young people gain practical workplace experience servicing cars for the general public, community partners and staff, as well as the repair and refurbishment of cars donated to the program.

All profits from vehicle servicing, inspections and the sale of refurbished donated vehicles are reinvested back into the fiXit program in the form of wages for traineeships offered to the young people.

Donating vehicles to the disadvantaged

fiXit also donates a number of refurbished vehicles every year to organisations and individuals experiencing disadvantage in the community. If you think you or your organisation may be eligible for a fiXit refurbished vehicle give us a call on 03 9470 2972 and we’ll see what we can do for you.

fiXit Social Enterprise an overview

Hand Brake Turn an overview

What does success through the fiXit program look like?

In our first 12 months of operation we achieved the following milestones and aim to build on our first year of success.

Income generated from vehicle servicing, repairs and sales last financial year (2021).

The number of cars donated to the fiXit program last year.

The income from servicing and selling cars that went back into the fiXit program.

The number of young people who completed traineeships, in our first year.

Meet the fiXit program managers and trainers.

Our dedicated team work tirelessly to give the young people the best possible training experience and opportunities for positive employment outcomes.

General Manager Living Learning and Earning

Richard joined Concern Australia in July 2021 bringing to the role a comprehensive community services and management background that includes Chaplain to homelessness, youth work, residential care, and drug and alcohol services; Youth Work; Ministry Leader at The Salvation Army Mitcham; and Regional Leader of The Salvation Army’s work in the Northern Territory with a focus on housing, homelessness, alcohol and other drugs, family violence and community work. His favourite car is a Kia Sorento.

fiXit Coordinator

Michael joined Concern Australia in March of 2021 working as fiXit Coordinator. Michael has over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, working as a specialist repairer, high-end restoration, tuning and carburetor repairer. Working with Alfa Romeos, Fiats, MG’s, Ferraris, Allard, Mercedes, Lamborghinis, and Jaguars. His current favorite car is a 1979 Fiat Spider.

Workshop Coordinator (South-East)

Phill is a Hand Brake Turn Pioneer mentoring young people for over 20 years, he joined Concern Australia ten years ago and is the Workshop Coordinator in the South-East. Phill has been working in the automotive industry for 55 years. Inspiring young people to get practical experience in the industry.

Workshop Coordinator (North-East)

Josh Joined Concern Australia in 2019 as a volunteer and by 2020 he starts working as a Workshop Coordinator in the North-East. With over 10 years of experience working in mechanic and automotive upholstery, Josh also run his own business auto interiors since 2017. His favorite car is an SS Torana hatch.

Youth Engagement Worker

Alisha joined the Concern Australia team working as the Youth Engagement Worker for HBT and fiXit at the Braybrook site. Alisha has experience working in northwest and prior to starting with CA worked as an After hours Crisis Worker in the Family Violence sector. She brings a wide range of experiences to the role and is a valuable addition to the team. Alisha’s favourite car is a Toyota Prius.

Donate more than cars!

As well as donating vehicles to the fiXit program you can also donate money, tools, bicycles and scooters or even your time. To donate tools and time contact us on 03 9470 2972.

To make a financial donation to the Hand Brake Turn program click on the donate button below, this will take you to Concern Australia’s website’s Donate page. To ensure your donation goes to the Hand Brake Turn program select this option during the donate process. Your support is very much appreciated.