Donate a car

Donated cars are used directly for employee training purposes and are either repaired, recycled, sold or donated back to the community, all proceeds go to funding fiXit salaries for the young trainees.

It’s a unique way we repurpose old vehicles, by using them to assist with automotive training and on-selling them to reinvest into young people’s future. It’s a brilliant formula and we hope you think so too!

Suitable donation vehicles need to meet certain criteria before we can accept them, most questions about donation vehicles are answered in our FAQs below.

If your car meets the donation criteria we will arrange for it to be picked up and transported to our Sunshine West site. fiXit employees and young people participating in the Hand Brake Turn program are involved in assessing the vehicle with our qualified trainer to determine the repairs required and potential re-sale value.

To donate your car click the Donate a Car button and fill in the form or:
contact Michael Ponchard on 0452 249 461 or email


Car donation frequently asked questions

Read our FAQs to help answer the most common questions we receive. If you’re still unsure give us a call on 03 9470 2972


When donating a car, the main criteria is to ensure there is no financing owing on the vehicle. We accept cars that are in any condition, from general wear and tear to damaged and missing parts as long as the vehicle is mobile. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Besides cars, we also accept vans, motorbikes, bicycles, tools, and other resources to support our program and community. For further enquires please contact our friendly staff.

The cars can be dropped off at our Dandenong or Sunshine West sites or you can arrange for your car to be picked up by a staff member. Please check our website for contact and address details.

Yes, we can organise for one of our staff members to pick up your car at a time that is suitable for you. In the process, you will also get to meet the young people in action as they often accompany our staff while picking up cars as a learning experience.

Yes, your car donation is tax deductible however a tax receipt will only be available and issued once a valuation on the car has been agreed upon. Please speak to our staff for further information.

No your car does not have to be registered. If it is, we can remove the number plates and you can return them to VIC Roads for a refund on any outstanding registration.  This can occur after you drop it off at Braybrook or Dandenong, or alternately when we come to pick up the car from you.

Prior to donating your car, please ensure that the vehicle does not have finance owing. If that is the case, unfortunately we will not be able to accept it.

Some cars are used for training purposes in our Hand Brake Turn program for the young people to further develop their skills and knowledge, while others could be recycled which will impact the value of the car. The cars sold are also determined on the market value where all proceeds returning to our HBT program. Please contact our staff for further information.